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Senior Place

Placement Software Designed Specifically for You!

What Can Senior Place Do For Me?



  • Completely customizable client intake form – tailored specifically to your needs and desires!
  • Track your clients and always know where they are in your pipeline – from new lead to invoiced and every step in between – it’s easy to see the big picture at any time.
  • Record intake details on your customized intake form, and easily email a neatly formatted PDF referral directly to any potential communities.



  • See all the communities to which you refer clients.
  • View them all on a map and search/filter the communities based on name, type, location, or services they offer.

Referral Sources


  • Easily keep up with all your referral sources.
  • See which referral sources provide leads that convert so you can better focus your time.


  • View reports that provide key insights into your business – reports that can help you make adjustments and improve your ROI.


  • Track all your tasks in one place so you won’t lose track of anything.
  • Upcoming and overdue tasks are spotlighted for you.


  • Senior Place is great for solo agencies, but if you work on a team, it’s even better.
  • Easily share notes on communities and referral sources, and if needed, it’s a piece of cake to have someone seamlessly cover for you when you want to take a vacation.

A Few Screenshots…

Pipeline View
Get a quick overview of your business.
See exactly what’s going on with all of your clients in one simple place!

Client Intake Form

Completely customized for your agency based on what info you want to track.
Yes, completely customized – your intake, exactly how you want it.
(below is a sample intake)

Compare Possible Communities
Easily compare communities in a clean table view.
Generate a PDF to share with your clients.

Community View
See all your communities on a map. Search and filter with a couple clicks.

Works well on Mobile Devices too!

Designed to work wherever you are on any device! Desktop, laptop, iPad, and phone.

Special Offer

As a member of the National Placement & Referral Alliance, you’ll receive an exclusive 50% discount for your first 2 months of Senior Place service.

Schedule a Live Demo!

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How much is ONE extra client per month worth to your business?

With just one extra client per year, Senior Place is effectively free for you.

With just one extra client per month, Senior Place pays for itself 10x-20x.

…that doesn’t even include how much easier your work will be when you start using software made for you!

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