Unlock your Senior Placement potential

Senior Place software enables you to provide the same high-quality, senior placement services more easily and efficiently!

Client Pipeline

See all your clients at a glance.

Community Listings

Automatically updated community listings.

Referral Tracking

Keep tabs on all of your inbound and outbound referrals.

Task Management

Stay on schedule by utilizing tasks.

Custom Reporting

Make metrics-based decisions using reports.

eSignatures Built-in

Get electronic signatures on your contracts.

All Your Clients In One Place

Senior Place makes client organization easy, eliminating tedium from your workday.

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Send Community Referrals Fast

We understand that every second matters when it comes to your referrals.

Senior Place empowers you to identify potential community matches and send professional referrals within minutes.

Make Community Decisions Simple

Send your client’s family an easy-to-follow community comparison, aiding them in making an informed decision about their loved one.

What our Customers are saying

I am very impressed with Senior Place software. Prior to converting over to Senior Place I used an online database that I had to create and manage. That was one more thing that was out of my area of expertise that I didn’t have time to deal with and that never worked quite right. Senior Place was created based on our feedback on what we needed. Jason, JD and team are extremely responsive to our requests and deal with any problems we may have so we don’t have to. They’re constantly making updates which makes the system even better. It relieves a lot of stress knowing they’re managing the database behind the scenes so we can manage our core business.

Liz Fischer

Owner, Right Fit Senior Living Solutions

We have been a part of Senior Place since its beginning. The use of the services have greatly improved our efficiency which allows us more time for the client experience. I highly recommend this service for placement and referral agencies.

Donna Rybacki

Owner, American Senior Home Finders

He runs a great company that is constantly improving the software they provide plus their customer service is exceptional.

Mary Cohron

Co-owner, Pathways Senior Care Advisors

Senior Place is a wonderful tool for my company. This software gives us great accessibility, convenience and support. We can review notes from our phone or iPads while on the road if needed. It’s like having an entire filing cabinet in our back pocket. It is a very economical tool considering the time it saves us. I highly recommend.

Julie Ouellette

Housing & Care Advisor, 1st CHOICE Advisory Services

Thank you so much for all the work so far. I LOVE this software. This is even better than I was originally expecting, well worth the wait and expense. I sent out a few example referrals to skilled nursing homes and some of the ALFs and it’s actually gotten me referrals because people now know that we are legit. By next month I think this would’ve already paid for itself in triplicate if I move in some of these clients.
Michael Saffy

Owner, SilverLink Consulting

I have been working with Jason’s company and CRM program for almost 4 years. I have found him and his program to be reliable, responsive and professional. More importantly Jason himself is a caring person, who worries about his clients (friends) success and really helps them. I could not have started my business without him! He may be a successful business man but I really recommend him because he’s more importantly a gentleman!

Sam Rosenberg

Owner, Concierge Senior Placement

Client Pipeline

Ditch tedious spreadsheet/paper tracking in favor of our client pipeline. Easily search all of your clients, see their relevant next task, and rest assured that none of them will be forgotten!

Community Listings

Rather than manually checking your state’s licensing website, let us do the heavy lifting! We regularly check the relevant licensing source for your location and keep Senior Place’s database current.

eSignatures Built-in

Why pay for an additional eSignature service, when we have one built into Senior Place? Now you can send out eSignature requests for documents like client agreements and community contracts directly from our platform.

File Storage

Whether you want to store contracts, community photos, rate sheets, brochures, client agreements, or anything else, we’ve got you covered! Associate files with specific communities or clients to make sure you have access to them when needed.

Task Management

Whether you’re working alone or with a team, tasks will help you stay on top of relevant next steps. We even color-code tasks so you can quickly see which ones are due soon!

Custom Reporting

Our custom reporting module enables you to make informed, data-driven decisions. Tailor the reports to whatever need you might have.

Referral Tracking

Ensure you keep tabs on all your inbound/outbound referrals so you can make more informed decisions when interacting with them in the future!

Automated Workflows

Save yourself additional time with workflow automation. Automatically send emails and create tasks based on a variety of triggers!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Senior Place?

Senior Place is software specifically built for Senior Placement and Senior Referral Agencies like yours. While there are similarities to general CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, Senior Place was created with your workflows in mind.

Within the platform, you can manage all aspects of the senior placement process, from client tracking to referral management, Senior Place is there to save you time and enable you to provide the best service possible.

Is Senior Place easy to use?

Yes! We get that learning a new software can be a commitment, so we’ve worked hard to make it easy to understand and use. In fact, we’re regularly told (by customers who don’t consider themselves “tech-saavy”) that Senior Place is intuitive and quick to grasp!

If you’re still concerned, that’s totally okay. We offer an hour of free training for new customers, and we always offer complementary support for any questions you might have. We’ve got your back!

How much does Senior Place cost?

Our pricing depends on your exact needs, which we’d love to learn more about during a Senior Place demo!

In most cases, if you get just one extra placement each year, Senior Place will pay for itself. This makes it a no-brainer for most industry professionals given the time-savings, organization, and tools that Senior Place provides.

Do I need to sign a contract to use Senior Place?

Nope! We’re dedicated to earning your business each and every month.

While we offer a 10% discount if you pay for a year at a time, we recommend that new customers try Senior Place for a month or two first. We’re confident you’ll find Senior Place valuable for your business, but we never want you to feel trapped by our software. We want you to use Senior Place because you love the value it provides!